BERNHARD WINKLER — JOCKEY CLUB #1 – : – : – : – 08.02.–13.04.2007

Between 1992 and 2004, Winkler developed the entire graphical identity and part of the life philosophy of Lomography. In doing so he set the tone for a whole generation in terms of this photographic genre’s mode of presentation, its entire art direction, and the artwork for the Lomography products themselves.
Winkler, who repeatedly returns to the concept of “sampling”— in the sense of a collage-like compilation of the most varied influences — when talking about his creative phases prior to doing photography, applied this technique to his portraits right from the beginning. David Hockney, who already applied this form of photography to humans and their environment back in the 1980s, saw in sampling a far greater kinship to true perception, because it is not static and momentary, but wandering and chronologically progressive. For this reason, viewing these is something completely different from viewing conventional photography. Through their re-composition, Winkler has lent each of these countless individuals (Jockey=friend) a presence that gives one the feeling of being in good company.
The artist has no web presence, for further information please contact him via email.