Walking Chair — A chair that walks. Didn’t we always dream that the domestic ambience we live in responds to our momentary needs – with pieces of furniture moving on their own? A mixture between a servant and a pet the Walking Chair follows wherever we go, but of course, over time it might learn and find its own way. One day, we may come home and be alone. Remember: Before chairs started to walk, men have been walking on the moon.
"Please don’t sit on Walking Chairs, do take seat on other seeds/seats..."

WALKING CHAIR FAMILY the population grows since 1999...

WALKING CHAIR is part of the permanent exhibition, Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna Furniture Museum, 2009

WALKING CHAIR Mini Walking Chair, limited edition, 2002

WALKING CHAIR on the way to Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna Furniture Museum, this Walking Chair left home forever on a grey day in November 2009

WALKING CHAIR the first ever Walking Chair Show at Designersblock, included an original Walking Chair, Ping Meets Pong and a Gang of Singles, London, 2002


WALKING CHAIR strolling down Prater Hauptallee, photo ©Tobias Madörin, Vienna, 2002