BOTTLE+BOY=BOTTLEBOY an unbelievably simple helper to make a coat-rack with your own pretty plastic bottles, since 2002

BOTTLEBOY Take plastic bottles (max. 0,5L), transform the bottle to the shape of a hook with heat. Fill the bottles with nice things, fix the Bottleboy to the wall with a screw and fix the bottle into your Bottleboy.

BOTTLEBOY a simple tool to make a unique coatrack or hook using empty plastic bottles, each Bottleboy is unique, mould the PET bottle and fill it anyway you like, Vienna, 2002

L'ACTION BOTTLEBOY DAKAR exhibition with the Bottleboy Collective Senegal, the exhibition was initiated by Magister Amadou Sow in cooperation with Sylviane Diop & Karen Dermineur. The Bottleboy Collective featured AÏcha AÏdara, Haby Diallo, Ndoye Douts, DouDou Faye, Mara, Birame Ndiaye, Piniang, Henri sagna, Charles Seck, Magister Amadou Sow, Magatte Toure, Senegal 2005

BOTTLEBOY typeface and corporate font family, Vienna, 2002

BOTTLEBOY shop display