A_show  presents an overview of architecture in austria from 1850–2003. The exhibition was opened in three steps between march 2004 and october 2005. The a_show catalogue was published in 2006. The a_show exhibition celebrates architecture in Austria and forms the permanent collection at the Az_W.

ashowAZW_Bar 005_1020.jpg

A_SHOW exhibition interior at Az_W Museumsquartier Vienna, 2004–ongoing

A_SHOW Hello font adapted for the a_show exhibition at Architekturzentrum, Museumsquartier, Vienna, 2004–ongoing

A_SHOW graphic design for the 400-page book a_show, architecture in Austria in the 20th & 21st centuries published by Birkhäuser, the design concept for the book was developed in cooperation with Walter Pamminger, 2006

A_SHOW colour guide for the a_show exhibition 2004

A_SHOW Monte Bello modular sofa designed for A_Show manufacturing and upholstery by Kohlmaier Wien, Vienna, 2005