Life Ball is Europe's largest and most spectacular annual charity event organized by Gery Keszler. The ball at the Viennese city hall is dedicated to raising support for the worldwide fight against HIV and AIDS. Since the work was done for the support of Life Ball, Walking Chair donated the redesign of the VIP area in the years 2004–2007.

The main goal was to provide more space for potential donors and VIP guests within a constricted area and to enhance the experience and atmosphere of the event at the same time.

Walking Chair designed a stage element with built-in seats which could be combined into various shapes. Over a period of 4 years, the stage element was newly assembled, designed with new surfaces and eccentrically decorated according to the annual Life Ball theme.

In 2005 the whole stage area was covered with real lawn, in 2006 the stage elements were rebuilt into a gigantic sofa according to the "Operetta" theme and dramatically illuminated by LED lights. Year: 2004–2007


LIFE BALL '06 in keeping with the Life Ball's "operetta" theme, parts of the VIP longe's stage became an enormous plush sofa illuminated by led lights, Vienna City Hall, Aids charity gala, 2004

LIFE BALL '04 VIP lounge, Aids charity gala, Vienna City Hall, 2004


LIFE BALL '04 VIP lounge, Aids charity gala, Vienna City Hall, 2004

LIFE BALL '05 VIP lounge featured real grass covered seating, Vienna City Hall, 2005