This seating furniture made of gold coated leather was designed as an exclusive interior item for the public space and can be considered as a playful persiflage of the 21st century's materialistic society.

Self–confessed aficionados of gold, Walking Chair created a gold bar scaled up by a factor of 34, which serve as a cozy seating bench. Made from real gold, this piece of furniture would have the weight of more than 4 tons.

Eine, meine, deine Bank was designed for the Arabic, Chinese and Russian markets as the relation to the warm and shining gold is still quite unprejudiced in these regions.

The golden seating bench was presented the first time at "Filser & Gräf" Gallery, Munich, 2010

EINE, MEINE, DEINE BANK seating made from gold coated leather, 2009

EINE, MEINE, DEINE BANK at the Spielware exhibition, Filser & Gräf Gallery, Munich, 2010