Since 2003, Walking Chair has worked for Karin Simonitsch, a pharmacist and owner of Marien Apotheke Wien with a sense of creativity. The entrepreneur uses "Daisy", a computer controlled packaging machine for pharmaceuticals. The colorful packaging leftovers (pill blisters) are collected by Walking Chair and turned into lamps. Each piece is unique, made by the artist. The following Sister Blister types are available: hanging lamps, floor lights, table lamps and wall lights.

SISTER BLISTER light installation at ONE DESIGN WEEK, Plodiv/Bulgaria 20.–29.6. Plodiv, 2014

SISTER BLISTER LAMP casts atmospheric reflections, 2009

SISTER BLISTER LAMP the first prototypes in our studio, Vienna, 2007

SISTER BLISTER color range 

SISTER BLISTER LAMPS each one is individually made by hand, 2006–2013

SISTER BLISTER LAMPS standing lamp, Stilwerk Design Gallery Engelhorn & Turkiewicz, photo ©Michael Turkiewicz, Vienna, 2011

SISTER BLISTER LAMPS  Austria Lounge for the Austrian Ministry Of Health, XVIII International Aids Conference, Vienna, 2010 

SISTER BLISTER light installation at Cemm Brain Lounge, Research Center for Molecular Medicine, Vienna, 2012