YOU MAY is a new furniture for the urban public space. YOU MAY does many things: it is a bar and a bench, conference table and quiet corner at the same time, it functions as a lounge as well as a stage or workspace. YOU MAY works with innovative materials, different seat heights, it plays with niches and corners. It provides communication and privacy for up to 15 persons at the same spot. The furniture itself becomes a vivid meeting point, it invites to work, discuss, eat and relax.

YOU MAY enables the modern, mobile person to much more than just passive relaxing and therefore significantly differs from all current standard furniture for parks and public spaces. The Vienna based design duo Karl Emilio Pircher & Fidel Peugeot provides mayors, urban planners and residents with a versatile instrument for enhancing the quality of the public space and filling it with a new lively spirit.

YOU MAY a new type of furniture for the urban public space, YOU MAY furniture was generously supported by – the creative agency of the city of Vienna, 2009

YOU MAY be a stage… Walking Chair performs at the opening of their solo exhibition, main hall of the MAK, Museum of Applied/Contemporary Arts, Vienna 2009

YOU MAY furniture takes back the public space in front of Schönbrunn Palace and in the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, 2010

YOU MAY at DMY International Design Festival Berlin in cooperation with Lynfabrikken, Århus, Denmark 2009 YOU MAY wins the DMY 2009 Award

YOU MAY & KNOWLEDGE SPACE — public space exhibition design, a platform for knowledge management Austria, Vienna, 2009

YOU MAY on the main terrace of the Ars Electronica Festival, YOU MAY was presented as upcoming furniture for the public space, the YOU MAY indoor version was also exhibited in the Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria 2009

YOU MAY be outdoor furniture, YOU MAY be a work space, YOU MAY be a public desk, YOU MAY be a meeting point, YOU MAY be much more than this…

YOU MAY at the Bauhaus Archive/Museum of Design, DMY selection exhibition, Berlin, 2009

YOU MAY was initiated by Lynnfabrikken (Jeppe Vedel & Lasse Schuleit) and in the city's public spaces during the Århus Festival, one of the largest cultural events in Skandinavia, Århus, Denmark 2009

YOU MAY  a furniture for public spaces wins the International Design Festival Berlin DMY 2009 AwardNow we take the public space, a short documentary ©James Oesch