Three years after the world premiere of the YOU MAY – our award winning furniture for the public space – Walking-Chair presents a new light-weight version. 

The YOU MAY series represents a completely original kind of furniture. YOU MAY and YOU MAY B. serve as many things: a meeting point, a garden table, a working space, a park bench, a welcoming desk, a dinner table, a bar, a stage, or a market stall. Meetings, working, sitting, standing and relaxing - all in the same spot and at the same eye level!

The new, more compact YOU MAY B. was designed for flexible, temporary use, especially at events. Lighter and quicker to assemble than its bigger brother, it can be used in even more versatile ways. The creation of the YOU MAY B. heralds a logical progression into a multiuse-furniture family for indoor and outdoor public spaces.

This express-edition YOU MAY B. was developed in cooperation with the Italian plastics producer TeraPlast. 

YOU MAY B in our Studio, 2013


YOU MAY B a multifunctional furniture for the public outdoor and indoor space, Vienna, 2012

YOU MAY B at the Maribor Design Festival, Maribor 2012

YOU MAY B at WHO Ministerial Conference Vienna, 2013