The life and death of Crown Prince Rudolf are not just of interest to specialists and historians. An internationally acclaimed film on the prince was made in 2006, and countless books have appeared on the subject. And yet this unconventional and self-willed heir to the throne in whom all the hopes of the Habsburg Empire were vested is still a source of enigma and mystery. The exhibition covers the whole span of his 30-year life and ends on 30 January 2009, the 120th anniversary of the day he died.

In celebration of the 120th birthday of Crown Prince Rudolf Walking Chair was comissioned by Schloss Schönbrunn to conceptualizes the anniversary exhibition in the Hofmobiliendepot - Imperial Furniture Collection Vienna.


KRONPRINZ RUDOLF exhibition design, Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna Furniture Museum, 2008

KRONPRINZ RUDOLF graphics & wallpaper, created from the Crown Prince's insignia, 2008

KRONPRINZ RUDOLF My first chandelier, Crown Prince Rudolf edition, 2008

KRONPRINZ RUDOLF exhibition space featuring display tables, the whole exhibition was covered with Crown Prince Rudolf wallpaper