Billy and Ivar – these infinitely extendable shelving systems have become a feature of almost every modern home. The furniture store from Sweden that addresses its customers informally and gives its furniture names has like no other changed the way of life and the home environment of the people of Europe in the last 50 years, introducing designs capable of being mass produced into our homes. The exhibition shows IKEA furniture designs from the 1950s to the present and examples of international and Scandinavian design that served IKEA as inspiration. Examples are also used to illustrate topics such as systems furniture, sustainability and the concept of the unmistakeable brown cardboard flat pack.

Walking Chair was responsible for the exhibition design and also curated an own contribution to the phenomenon IKEA: at "Station 12 – IKEA Pimp Light Show" young Austrian designers presented creative reworkings of IKEA-lamps.


IKEA PHENOMENON Walking Chair created a tool to achieve the chiselled effect around the displayed islands, made by the designers themselves

ikea_von ferdi_1020.jpg

IKEA PHENOMENON pimp light show curated by Walking Chair at Ikea Phenomenon