2007 Walking Chair accomplished the redesign and enlargment of the law office "Ploil, Krepp & Boesch" located in an impressive Vienna Ringstrasse palace. In a first phase the office was enlarged with a new level connected with internal stairs. The office´s large art collection – also including art designs from Walking Chair – was integrated into the new interior design. The overall construction perfectly mirrors the elegance and fragility of the famous Ringstrassen architecture.


PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH meeting room with Ping Meets Pong table and Schiefe Lampe


PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH glass hallway, 2007

PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH entrance hall, the reception desk is a three dimensional wood structure with a high quality lacquer surface

PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH Schiefe Lampe designed as main office lighting

PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH foyer featuring Monte Bello modular sofa, produced by Kohlmaier Wien and 4T (for tea) Table

PLOIL KREPP & BÖSCH asymmetric "silent" staircase, 2006